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Galveston Bread Selections

All breads made from Organically Certified Flours. I buy from Sperry Brand Certified Organic Flours, form General Mills for my main Bread flour, and the Whole Wheat, and Rye come from Great River, Certified Organic. 

All their flours are from fields fully certified organic.

Bread is Life!

Sour Dough Rounds approximately 2 pounds
Whole Wheat Rounds approximately 2 pounds
Heidebrot Rye with Caraway seeds approximately 2+ pounds
Sour dough with Italian spices baked in approximately 2 pounds

Cinnamon rolls 1/2 dozen rolls,
6 ounces each
Real Bagels,
several varities
available individually

Galveston Bread is a Texas Cottage Food Law bakery. That means we exist under a very specific set of rules from the Government. Producer to consumer only. I bake in my home.

 IF you are not happy with anything I bake just bring back what is left for a full refund. Period.

Looking forward to meeting you, Philip Gerding!

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